Dear visitors,

Fidelio removes the use of passwords to connect to a website safely for the site and the user.

Comfort in use

You enter the email address of your choice once on your mobile phone and then each time you log in the site will ask you to press the button on your mobile phone and it's all you enter your private area on the site. The Mobile App is free for download from Apple Store and Google Play.


The reinvention of the methods used by the banks hides from the Internet all the tedious aspects of security that remains invisible. The site no longer needs specialized IT infrastructure or IT specialists to control access security or implement the web component available for free download.


The mobile no longer stores any exploitable information in case of theft and if that happened you have a secret QRcode to block all your access at once. The site only needs to store your public Email address in its databases. Can not steal the password because it no longer exists.

Waiting to get to know each other
The Fidelio team